muscle pain
Shahid was able to help me with different health issues, from digestion problems to muscle pain. Also he was able to give me advice on changing my diet, which has helped to improve my general health. Treatments that were used were hijama (cupping) and herbal medicines, these treatments are different to conventional methods of medicine. He is very helpful and easy going which helps when you are trying to explain your problems.
Ali Z - Woklng - United Kingdom
A family physician
I found Shahid to be sincerely concerned for my well being and wanted to understand my illness and really worked at getting to the bottom of it, his passion for the natural way is evident in his methodology and his life style he is a true believer of this science. He has helped me a lot and he’s my and now my families first port of call for any health issues. I would recommend him to everyone.
Mo R - Manchester - United Kingdom
Helped with Diet and Life style
Shahid's consultations made me understand my physiology which has since then helped me in making better decisions with respect to my diet and life style. He also did cupping (hijama) which helped me in getting focus and balance in my body, mind, and spirit.
Mohammed T - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Helped me to lose weight and with my leg pain
Hakim Shahid took my pulse and asked questions to determine my constitution and then advised on diet, which helped me lose weight. Additionally Hakim Shahid provided me with a tailor made super immune boosting syrup based on my temperament (mizaj) and constitution which helped settle my nerves after an illness and which also helped my knees greatly! Many thanks Hakim for your support!
Yasser A - London - United Kingdom
fertility issues
\"We have been trying to conceive for two and half years but due to a number of issues such as a blocked Fallopian tube as well as being under weight and under a lot of stress due to work and lifestyle which then caused a lot of ectopic heart beats. We was rejected from IVF and cardiologist was a dead end for us as they normalised the issues and put it down to stress. So there was no hope till I came across Shahid. Under going his advice and herbal medication for about 6 months resulted in the a most surprising natural pregnancy thank you! I highly recommend Shahid
Sidra I - Rochdale - United Kingdom
menstrual cycle
Just to let you know that my menstrual cycle have started again after four months! Thanks for your help.
Ms M Khan - South London - United Kingdom
semen in urine
I was getting semen in my urine for a while now and decided to go the herbal root. I took medication over a 3 month period and they worked for me (I was also suffering occasionally from ED and the meds helped that area too).
B Singh - Waltham Forest - United Kingdom
blood pressure down!
Hakeem Shahid, as you may remember that my blood pressure on the ECG monitor was between 145 and 180! After taking your medicine for two weeks, today my blood pressure reading is 129/73. My doctor said that is really good mashaallah all thanks to Allah(swa) and your help. I will make prayers for you that Allah gives you success in this life and in the hereafter..
Fozia Y - Algate, London - United Kingdom
Cupping got rid of my aches and pains and improved my Vision!
With Hakeem Shahid I had a very positive experience post-cupping/Hijama, feeling highly energetic, clear, healthy, any aches & pains disappeared, even my vision was better! In addition I felt a lot more spiritual and light. I would highly recommended Hakeem Shahid for cupping/Hijama or otherwise, I admire his expertise & down-to-earth approachable patient-practitioner connection.
Wasiq A - Manchester - United Kingdom
Cupping gave me new vitality
An amazing cupping experience with Hakeem Shahid, I feel physically, mentally and spiritually refreshed, I feel as though I have brought back a few years! I would highly recommend Hakeem Shahid, with his very good approach to his patients, I was made to feel very relaxed & comfortable . I will definitely have more cupping sessions with Hakeem Shahid in the future to come.
Zoheb H - Manchester - United Kingdom
Blood pressure improved
As with anything, it is all about finding what works for your as an individual. Shahid was excellent in figuring out what would work for me and I've had amazing results. My blood pressure has gone from 140/145 to 120 over a few months. I have been regularly monitoring my blood pressure and it has stayed on average at 120. I'd highly recommend Shahid to anyone.
Jim S - London - United Kingdom
Lost my weight
I am person who values and prefers alternative therapies; a few years ago I had developed an under active thyroid problem. I initially consulted a homeopathy consultant; whose treatment did help my thyroid however didn\'t help my overweight and discoloured pigmentation on my face. I had a consultation with hakim Shahid who on diagnosing my tongue instantly knew new that the problem was in my liver. After prescribing me with herbal medication and a diet regime, which I followed religiously, I saw an amazing shift in my weight; this time in the right direction! Also the pigmentation on my face has largely improved. I am immensely impressed by Hakim Shahid whom I would highly recommend him to everyone.
Mrs R - Manchester - United Kingdom
skin condition
My daughter was having some difficulty at school (bullying) which came out through her body as a skin condition – diagnosed by Hakim Shahid, who connected the mind and body. This was unique to the conventional medicine that only looked at the skin condition and gave her steroids that only temporarily healed her. Hakim Shahid treated her with oils and some relaxation tea that have had long lasting healing effects.
Mrs F S - London - United Kingdom
Many thanks to hakim Shahid for coming to Luton and performing cupping on us brothers. I had a ligament damage in my knee. Hakim Shahid did dry cupping on the knee. I sprinted to my grandparents house and it felt as if the knee had no problem. Recommend him to everyone. Get cupping done regularly,after all it is the way of our tradition.
A S - Luton - United Kingdom
Cupping is great
I felt a little nervous when I came in for my appointment as I have never had cupping/hijama done before. I didn\'t have any specific illness but wanted to have it done to find out what it was all about. The hakeem made me feel very relaxed, the whole process was worthwhile as I feel great! I feel refreshed and I have so much more energy. I would recommend this form of treatment to anyone.
M Ayaz - Oldham - United Kingdom
I feel 21 again
I had cupping done and bro I feel 21 again!
N Haq - Oldham - United Kingdom
Preparing my body for pregnancy
Shahid gave me advise regarding pre-conception. I was seeking ways to prepare my body in preparation for gestation. Shahid immediately responded to my needs and now I am following a two month regime with natural herbs. The herbs will help support a healthy conception but most importantly, to create a detoxed and strong environment for my baby over the 9 months pregnancy. Thanks Shahid... and I am sure he has more tricks up his sleeve once I actually conceive!
Vanda R - Athens - Greece
Burning feeling difficulty in eating
Dr Shahid has help'd me so much; not just on a physical level but at an emotional level too. Before he helped me I was lost and was in just a wreck. I constantly had burning pain in my stomach, loose stools, acidity; basically all the the symptoms of Acid Reflux. I did go to the doctors about my symptoms but their medicines only made me worse or I was told that there was nothing wrong with me! Dr Shahid gave me all natural organic herbs and they helped me a a lot. I can\'t explain how happy I am now and that now I can eat without feeling scared that I'm going to get that burning stomach feeling, etc again. He also was there for me when I was down and is a great person to talk to about your problems a great listener and very patient. I would highly recommend him.
Z A - Berkshire - United Kingdom
cupping for stress relief and a balanced inward & outward state
After having treatment from hakim Shahid Bukhari, I have found many benefits from stress relief to a balanced inward and outward state. The first time I had cupping done my whole body underwent a detox and I felt rejuvenated. Physically mentally and spiritually the cupping unifies and uplifts through aligning the patient. I whole heartily recommend this treatment by hakim shahid and if you are open minded enough and put trust in his treatment he can change your life to a better quality of living and understanding of how to take care of your self according to prophetic standards of advice.
Ismail - Bradford - United Kingdom
back and shoulder pain
I had a very bad pain in my back and shoulders, but since my hijama treatment, by Shahid Bukhari, my pain has almost gone, would highly recommend anyone
T A - Manchester - United Kingdom
cupping helped my skin and stress
I was initially advised that cupping (hijama) may help ease stress. I had never tried it before but had heard it was an ancient technique used for various ailments. After the first session, there was no immediate, tangible effect other than the calm experienced after the procedure. However, I felt light and relaxed. Sidi Shahid also recommended detoxifying tea and a chamomile tea to help me sleep better. After a few weeks I noticed the localised skin condition on my right shoulder greatly reduced. I have had this for many years and it flares up regularly. I cannot think of anything I have tried that could have been the cause of it calming down so dramatically, the temporary effect of creams and emollients not-withstanding. I kept my mind open to all possibilities and we had a further session a few weeks later. Many weeks have now passed and the skin condition has still not flared up. I hear cupping works differently for different people and temperaments. I went in with an open mind not expecting too much. In my case, localised eczema is a secondary symptom of stress, anxiety and an unhealthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend at least a consultation with Sidi Shahid to see how he may be able to help you.
A M - Woking - United Kingdom
Hakim was very attentive to my case and put me on a treatment plan of detoxifying my body initially to make it more receptive to cupping at a later stage. Detox medicines were in the form of teas, tablets and leaves in varying strengths. I have started cupping also to relieve headaches and earache.
Miss E - Northwest - United Kingdom
Hi, hakim just to let you know that I've just had an ultra sound and my ovarian cysts are gone! Just waiting for my periods to start.
Miss K - Manchester - United Kingdom
I found out about Hakim Shahid through my sister. I would recommend him to people, he's very knowledgeable in what he does, and picks up what's wrong with you straight away. I've been been seeing him since July/August this year for my endocrine issues. I've lost weight and seen a real improvement in my health since my treatment.
Miss S - Manchester - United Kingdom