Is this you?  Difficulty digesting…

You’re often feeling tired, irritable and can’t seem to digest anything.  You may find that some particular foods upset your stomach, or maybe almost everything you eat.  After eating you probably feel bloated or get acid reflux, nauseous or have gas.  Eating should be a pleasurable experience, and yet you likely find it causes nothing but pain and discomfort.

You’ve probably tried all of the digestive medications that you could get hold of at the chemist such as from antacids (such as Milk of Magnesia, Rennie, Gaviscon, etc).  You may have even been to see a doctor about your symptoms and have tried medication like omeprazole or similar.  Maybe you’ve even been diagnosed with a condition like colitis or an ulcer.  Despite your best attempts you probably haven’t been able to find a solution that completely deals with your symptoms.  More than anything you would like to find a natural solution that will address the underlying causes, rather than suppressing your symptoms and causing more side effects.

What are your symptoms?

  • Bloating
  • Painful digestion
  • Gas
  • Inflammation
  • Fatigue – feel tired most of the time
  • Irritability
  • Headaches

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