Who is Shahid Bukhari

Shahid Bukhari ND, Homeopath, Master Iridologist, Naturopath, Unani-TIBB, Acupuncturist

(Hakim) Shahid Bukhari is a traditional Unani Tibb Herbal Practitioner.

From an early age Shahid Bukhari was interested in healing and helping others. Growing up, he noticed people in traditional countries particularly the elder members of the community consulted practitioners of natural medicine, preferring them over modern health care treatments as they felt that pharmacological medicines, in the long term, left them feeling weaker and worse off. This left a lasting impression on Hakim Bukhari and shaped his understanding of different schools of medicine.

Before pursuing a career in Traditional Medicine, Hakim Bukhari graduated in Computer Science and successfully ran a IT company and carried out various work related to this field. Nevertheless his real source of pleasure and fulfillment came to flourish when he finally took the step to follow his inner passion and pursue a career in Unani Tibb Herbal medicine.

Over the years Hakim Bukhari has received one-to-one apprenticeship in traditional Unani-Tibb Medicine and Herbal Medicine. Furthermore, he has studied Hijama, Iridology, Nutrition, Homeopathy and Tung Acupuncture.

Hakim Bukhari is a practicing Herbalist, registered Homeopath, Master Iridologist and Naturopath and a member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists. His skill lies in recognising the underlying causes of dis-ease. Hakim Bukhari takes an innovative and synergy approach in combining different traditional medicine with modern practices. This includes, pulse analysis, Iridology, temperament assessment, tongue analysis, Tung acupuncture, fasd (pricking), cupping (wet & dry), Gua sha and nutrition. He prepares some unique bespoke medicinal remedies when needed.

Through his clinics, Hakim Bukhari has offered one-to-one sessions across the UK. He has treated patients in The UK and abroad, working with clients face-to-face and also via phone and skype. Hakim Bukhari aims to empower individuals and make them self-sufficient in managing their health to prevent unnecessary ailments and imbalances. Therefore over the years Hakim Bukhari has delivered workshops, seminars as well as partaken in holistic retreat projects across the UK with various organisations such as the Greensville Education Trust, Illuminated Gardens, Saadah, CEIUK, The Ribat Institute. He has covered topics such as Health and Digestion, Foods and Health during Fasting and An Introduction to Unani Medicine.

Over the years Hakim Bukhari has grown his practice and has gained respect from his local and wider community. Many renowned scholars and teachers and alternative and medical health practitioners have used his services and widely recommend him to other. It is not surprising that many have come to recognise his immense skills and selfless nature and address him with much esteem and seek his counselling and service.

Shahid initially started a Clinic in London but then moved to Manchester opening his own highly successful practice in Northwest England.

Shahid is a ND and a council member of the GNC (www.gncouncil.co.uk)  and is very much involved the community and is a trust member of Greensville educational trust in the North-West of England.