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Welcome to clinic of Natural Medicine

At my clinics I practice Alternative and Complimentary medicine, with Eastern (Unani Tibb) Medicine as my specialisation. Using Unani Tibb, a holistic tradition of natural health care, I look to restore health in body, mind, emotions and spirit, to create a state of balance that strengthens the whole system.

I look to maintain health and endeavour to restore it whenever its lost. I use traditional herbal medicines which are both safe and natural but also very effective.

When doing a patient assessment, I look at the whole person, while attempting to locate the focus of any given dis-ease. The imbalance may be located within different levels and additionally depends on each patient’s temperament and the the level of any imbalance.

My herbal medicine clinic is based in Manchester but I also have clinics in other locations in the NorthWest of England.

Is this you? Difficulty digesting? Stressed and trouble sleeping, Blood Sugar issues?

Then we are here to help. You will find a number of articles and resources about many common ailments including irritable bowl syndrome, issues with High blood sugar and high blood pressure.  The most common being digestive conditions and the variety of factors that can contribute – from lifestyle, to nutrition to herbs that can help.

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